What is CPUK?

CPU Kerfuffle is a Smash Brothers tournament with a twist--there are no human players. Each fighter is a level 9 CPU, designated with a name and skin separate from the character they are represented by in the game, sometimes submitted by fans. As time went on, it developed improvised worldbuilding and character arcs based on these fights. The show is hosted by Ryan "chongoshow". The full archive is available on youtube.


This timeline includes an overview of some events up to the end of season 2. Some events are hidden and will show upon hover like this, some may have been excluded altogether. To hide the entire timeline, use the toggle below.

  • December 8th, 2018 : The Good Ass Showdown (Prequel/Lost Media)
  • Champion : Big Yopper
  • July 22, 2019 : CPU Kerfuffle 1
  • Champion : Hamburger Helper
  • Hamburger Helper begins constructing a strange device
  • First Crimson-associated fighter appears
  • Champion : ICEE
  • Dantoinette arrives from mirror dimension
  • Crimson appears as a fighter
  • All events and characters are shifted to the Corrected Universe
  • Hamburger Helper revealed to be a part of The Crimson, and the device he was constructing was what summoned The Crimson in the first place
  • Champion : Taako from TV
  • Champion : Captain Valentine
  • Home MD loses his medical license, but tries to revive The Grunk (who was murdered by Crimson)
  • The Crimson makes a bet with Captain Valentine. Valentine loses, becoming Captain Crimson
  • Season 2 begins with CPUK Episode 10 #Reboot (Archived November 16, 2020)
  • After chaos resulting from Season 1's finale, Iggy becomes the head of the tournament and organizes the first four teams
  • Champion : Dantoinette
  • Dantoinette creates an additional four teams
  • Dantoinette frees Captain Valentine from The Crimson, reforming Team Crimson to Team Calibur
  • Dantoinette retires, leaving her pet rat in her stead
  • Champion : Johannsen
  • Plum K Rool is barred from Championship
  • Champion : Captain Valentine
  • Sephiroth.
  • Doctor Order makes her first appearance
  • The Grunk is revived
  • Prism makes her first appearance
  • CPU Kerfuffle Gaiden 2 - A side story, hosted in Doctor's Orders laboratory by the Doctor herself (Archived January 30th, 2021)
  • Spriteman wins the Gaiden, and will be entered by Doctor Order into the next tournament
  • Champion : Gordo's Revenge
  • For a Valentine's themed doubles tournament, Doctor Order enters with Captain Quadratic, a clone of Captain Valentine utterly devoted to her.
  • Champion : Doctor Order
  • As champion, Doctor Order hosts a special tournament allowing the use of spirits
  • Home MD goes missing after giving a warning about the dangers of spirits.
  • Chartreuse appears after Doctor Order messes with time to weaken and irritate her
  • Danthony is unable to take on Doctor Order, due drawbacks from the spirits
  • Doctor Order and Chartreuse, among others, get trapped in a time bubble
  • Iggy and others prepare to launch an attack on Doctor Order
  • Hackerman J0hn creates artificial spirits, less powerful but without the drawbacks of their counterparts
  • Doctor Order is defeated
  • April 26th, 2021 : Season 3 begins with CPU Kerfuffle 21
  • Champion : Plum K Rool

CPUK History

CPU Kerfuffle started in 2019 (though its lost prequel was broadcast in 2018), but it wasn’t clear then what it would grow to be. In this period, the premise was little more than “let’s throw some characters into the ring, give them silly names, and see what happens.” Some of these characters would grow and change throughout later episodes, though others only appeared in a single episode. The characters that did persevere throughout multiple episodes shaped what CPU Kerfuffle went on to become.

Each episode follows the same structure, more or less--8 fighters enter, each matched up against another for a best-of-three 1v1 battle. The winner moves forward, but the loser has a chance to come back in the loser’s bracket. Once the victor of the tournament is declared, there’s still one more battle: The Championship Match. If the tournament winner can defeat the current champion, they are crowned the new champion. This title is more than just bragging rights, as the champion can make modifications to the tournament's rules.

Episode 10, aka Reboot, marked a turning point in the series, being the start of Season 2. One of the more significant changes was the foundation of the teams. At first, there were only four (Crimson, Cones, Cash Money, Clutch), but in Episode 11, the champion established an additional four teams (Craken, Chonk, Charm, Cross). Crimson eventually became Calibur. Each fighter is a member of one of these teams, and each team sends out a fighter to represent them in each tournament.

Team Craken Team Chonk Team Clutch Team Cash Money Team Cones Team Calibur Team Charm Team Cross Team Crimson

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Teams have certain characteristics and values ascribed to them. To put it simply, there's:

  • Craken - An extension of the Red Kraken (a band of pirates) and those associated with them
  • Chonk - Take pride in their large size
  • Clutch - Self Improvement, training, honing fighting prowess
  • Cash Money - Money, Money, Money!
  • Cones - CHAOS
  • Calibur - Flashy, risky plays
  • Charm - Improving the world, power of friendship
  • Cross - Crossover characters
  • Crimson (Defunct) - Members of the Crimson hivemind… or fans of red?

As Season 2 progressed, the format gradually shifted, with more focus on the characters and plot. Cutscenes were introduced, describing certain important scenes (some more improvised than others). Characters were voiced more frequently and given interviews before and after battles that gave insight into their personality and goals.

As of Episode 33, which aired on 1/31/2022, the show went on an indefinite hiatus, from which it has not returned as of writing this. However, early into this break, a few "Non-Canon Curiosity Tournaments" (or NCCT for short) were hosted over discord. These tournaments tested certain match ups, though were considered to take place outside of canon. The results of the fights (as well as the plot points) were relayed purely through text, with some interaction from the chat. An archive of these tournaments can be read here.

Personal Experience

I had actually watched some of early season 1 and the prequel, but I fell of fairly early. I made a few attempts to get back to it, but wound up a little overwhelmed by just how much the fandom had changed and grown overtime--though, I did get a few bits and pieces of characters and arcs through social media.

It was Episode 27 that finally got me to stick around with the show. That episode was a special triples tournament, in which teams fought in groups of three. This time, instead of trying to take in all the lore and characters at once, I decided to focus on the character that I found the most interesting: Heartbreak (mostly I just thought his name was cool). His team didn’t get very far, but by then I was completely hooked on the show again. In the time since then, I’ve managed to make my way through the VODs, and as of 9/9/2023, I am on Episode 24 (though, I do need to rewatch Season 1).

What drew me into the show was mostly the unconventional medium, and I love the metanarrative that became more prominent in the later episodes. One of my favorite little details is the Dimensional Bus, which takes characters (and commentators) from their own dimensions to the CPUK stadium. To me, it made the show feel more real, like an actual look into this strange alternate world.

I have feared, both in making this page and talking of the show, that others will be quick to judge it. From an outsider’s perspective, it’s quite bizarre—I myself felt that way at one point. But, in all its strides, it’s geniune and passionate, embracing what it is through all its serious moments, and all its stilly ones. CPU Kerfuffle is truly one of a kind, and something I am so happy to have experienced.

Favorite Characters

Squid Jenny
Squid Jenny
Cosmic Love
Cosmic Love