Pop Magic by Graphic Arts Units

Halloween Fright by Brithos Type

Planet Estyle by Planet


Neocities Button by isactuallyabear (tumblr)

Mad Rat, Hollow Knight, One Shot, and COTN buttons made by Vidapon

Firefox, September, math, music, and mp3 web badges sourced from

Clown, fall, computer, Splatoon, bogos binted, autism and Halloween badges from

Gamecube button by 44nifty

Wii button sourced from 88by31, creator unknown

Miitopia and Deltarune buttons by TheEnderDraco

Tetris button by Koinuko

Sparkle on Raven stamp by schepper-wubs


The webneko can be found here

Visitor counter by netfriend

CPUK Shrine

Header Font - Bad Signal by Woodcutter

Google Fonts - Roboto Condensed, Darumadrop One, Patrick Hand, Borel

Crush Page Header Font - Grape Soda by jeti

Special thanks to the CPUK wiki and it's moderators

Also thanks to my friend Lilth for reading through it for me :)

A certain background image edited from a photograph by Magda Ehlers

OC Pages

T+C Header Font - Cantara Gotica

"This character is..." pride flags by Vidapon

Another shout out to Lilith for helping me make decisions and just hearing me out during the process