Did you have a game boy growing up?

When we were kids, I once took out the cartridge without turning it off. I remember the sound clearly still. It scared me so bad, they had to pry it from my hands and show me that I hadn't broken it.

Why can I remember it so clearly?

Perhaps my fate was such that my memories were slowly replaced the sounds of the screams from the game as I pulled the plug on that 8-bit world. A fate deserving of me...

What about you? Do you often think about the end of your world? Do you think it will be a sudden stop? A continuous corruption? What will happen after the end? Will there be anything at all?

For mine, I am surrounded by the symptoms of its end in every day of my life. Me, moreso than its other inhabitants...

What will the end of your world sound like?

Maybe you don't have to think about it at all. Our worlds are so different, after all. Your world's end, should it come... Will it have a sound at all?

Our world, I think, will just be the sound of my game boy that day. A game unable to save, a stop before a start, a plug pulled before the switch is flipped.

And then, suddenly... Nothing...

That must be why the sound surrounds me so. Once all my memories are corrupted, that sound will be all that is left of it.