a drawing of Cyan


Pronouns: They/Them

Height: 5'6"

Likes: Video Games, Candy, Socks, Jesters

Dislikes: Boredom, Rejection, Group Projects, Public Speaking, Thunder

ace   non-binary

Cyan plays the synth in a band with their best friend Tamaki. They're influenced by chiptune and video game soundtracks.

They like dying their hair, and usually pick out a new color when they start a new album.

Their name is usually pronounced KAI-an, but they aren’t consistent about it.


Cyan was taught piano when they were young, but like many of their hobbies they didn't stick with it for very long. At school, they didn't have many friends and were picked on since they were seen as naive and childish. Even those who treated them amicably didn't take them seriously. They had class with Tamaki and admired him, but found his disdain for rules intimidating. They were assigned to a group project together, quickly became friends, and stuck together throughout middle school.

In high school, Cyan was placed in honors classes while Tamaki wasn't, and they rarely saw each other in school. They wouldn't see each other again until an intense anxiety attack and burn out from their difficult classes left them no choice but to transfer out of them, and into the same classes Tamaki was in. Their friendship picked back up like no time had passed.

In their senior year, Tamaki would practice bass in the music classroom, and Cyan took the oppurtunity practice piano again. They jokingly suggested they should start a band together, knowing that such a plan would never come to fruition. Despite this, Tamaki took their suggestion seriously, and thanks to his efforts, they started Tragedy + Comedy together.



Tamaki is Cyan's best friend and the only person they feel completely safe with. Since they met at a crucial time in both their lives, their bond is not so easily broken.


Cyan doesn't like talking about their family, though they live at home with them. They are the middle child between two siblings.

Tamaki's Family

Though they've met many times now, Cyan still feels a bit shy around Tamaki's family, especially his older sister Aiko. Tamaki's family loves Cyan, believing that they keep Tamaki out of trouble.

Tamaki's Thoughts


If there's one thing to be said about Cyan it's that they're ambitious, especially in their compositions. Often, they're cluttered, with far too many ideas all jumbled together. I find their work to be interesting, in that regard, even if a bit too chaotic. Sometimes, though, they give me a part that is quite impossible to play. I don't like to let them down, so I try my best. Sometimes that makes them my greatest teacher. Other times, I have to gently remind them of my instrument's range.

High School

What was Cyan like in high school? Hm... They were under a lot of pressure for a long time, and we had grown apart. I remember the day we met again well; it was rainy that day. I hadn't brought an umbrella. They stepped right up to me in their bright blue raincoat and held their umbrella over me, as though it hadn't been months since we'd spoken. I noticed, then, that they had grown brighter. Though we'd known each other many years before, I feel that was the first day I really saw them. We became quite a nuisance to our teachers, I'm sure.


Cyan was a quiet kid when we first met, and to be perfectly honest, they were kind of scary. We sat near each other during math, and every time I looked at them, they were staring at me. Usually those who stared at me were willing to start problems, but Cyan never said anything to me, not until we were forced to work together on some project. I had thought they hated me, but as it turned out, it was the opposite. It was nice having some company on the bus home, since I'd had run into some trouble with bullies after school before. We'd sit in the back and just listen to music together... They always wanted me to pick the songs, which wasn't a problem for me.


  1. Blue - The Birthday Massacre
  2. Aries - Gorillaz, Peter Hook, Georgia
  3. Greener - Tally Hall
  4. Kill the Lights - The Birthday Massacre
  5. Appearance of Iris - Keisuke Ito
  6. Quick Start/Wave Prism - ABXY/Chirpy Chips (Takafumi "CO-K" Koukei, TABOKUN, Shuntaro Kado)
  7. PSYNCIN' IN THE MaiN - Keisuke Ito
  8. icosa - Oliver Buckland
  9. High Rooftop Sweets - Keisuke Ito
  10. #14 crush - Dedf1sh (Toru Minegishi, Ryo Nagamatsu, Shiho Fuji)
  11. dancing around in circles until my little feet fall off - spellcasting
  12. Battery Full/Wave Prism - ABXY/Chirpy Chips
  13. Onion+ - PinocchioP
  14. Pandora Palace - Toby Fox
  15. Dance of Thorns - TenseiMusic
  16. Chip Damage/Blitz It - ABXY/Chirpy Chips
  17. Prom Night - Anamanaguchi
  18. Midnight - The Birthday Massacre
  19. Nefarious Institute 1 - Keisuke Ito
  20. Silent Running - Gorillaz, Adeleye Omotayo
  22. Attack of the Killer Queen - Toby Fox
  23. God-ish - PinocchioP
  24. Common World Domination - PinocchioP
  25. Summertime - My Chemical Romance
  26. On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz
  27. Baby You're A Haunted House - Gerard Way