Vector art of Saw

Saw Wave

Pronouns: All my nouns are pros. I'm good at everything. (Any)

Height: 6'5" (6'10.5" with ear things)

Likes: Taking the lead, Loud Sounds, Raves, Being taller and better than everyone

Dislikes:Being told what to do, mutiny

Saw is the self-declared leader of the Soundwaves, and is the most brash among them--perhaps rivaled by Square. They don't wait around to jump into action, knowing their siblings will have no choice but to follow, thus they win most of the arguments about leadership. They believe that they have more right to leadership than Square, since they are the tallest and most likely the oldest (a fact unconfirmed, as the Soundwaves are mostly-ageless demons). They make sure to remind the other four of their height every few minutes.

Their clothing is inspired by futuristic, rave and cybergoth styles.