Vector art of square

Square "Pulse" Wave

Pronouns: GAMER (Any)

Height: 4'2" (4'6" with pigtails)

Likes: Video Games, Funny Gamer Tees, Big Pants, Trolling

Dislikes: Getting Trolled, Tall People, People who flaunt their height, insufferable people—Saw it’s just Saw

Square is the one of the more brash of the Soundwaves, rivaled only by Saw. They argue over leadership rights, but are left frustrated as Saw often takes charge without asking, forcing the siblings to follow them.

They are aggressive and quick to anger, a trait which has resulted in most of the bickering between their siblings--though Saw is also to blame, as most of their anger stems from Saw poking fun at their height. Despite this, they too enjoy poking fun at their siblings, and has managed to bring out Sine's angry side on more than one occasion--though they've learned not to take this too far; Sine has their own way of enacting revenge.

They are a gamer.