Vector art of Tri

Tri Wave

Pronouns: don't swear at me. (Any)

Height: 4'0.5"

Likes: Black Cherry, Pranks, Flying, Video Games

Dislikes: Being left behind

Though the Soundwaves are mostly-ageless, Tri Wave is still universally agreed upon to be the youngest among them. Tri doesn't mind this, except for when their siblings use it as an excuse to leave them behind, which happens fairly often. Not even their anger at this fact is taken seriously by their siblings, and they merely say, "between the three of us, we can more than make up for Tri's sound."

Their full name is Tri, but their siblings sometimes call them Tri-Hard, believing them to be a suck-up. They're also known to some as Trixie, having a reputation as a prankster.

Their love for black cherry made more sense when their colors were picked from a luna moth.